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Who’s minding the store?

Sometimes we can bop along in our own little worlds oblivious to what may be happening around us. Here in Corning, we’ve done that. First with our city, allowing leaders to go unchecked for a time until we found ourselves with a water system that we will pay on until babies born this year will be in their thirties, a sewer system in desperate need of an update, and a city budget on the mend. I could go on but I won’t. You get the picture. Once citizens started minding the store and began paying attention, things started to turn around.

The same thing is happening within our county. Whatever may or may not be occurring is happening on our watch. First, the county budget is in trouble. If you have paid any attention to the Quorum Court articles in the past year or two, you may have noticed the same “robbing Peter to pay Paul” that the Corning city budget went through previously. You will recognize the same juggling of money to different funds in order to keep afloat. It’s not a good sign. The county will be facing hard decisions in the near future that many residents will not like. That has to be done when money is scarce in order to keep a city or county running.


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